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Is Fiserv A Good Company To Work For

Are women & men treated equally?.Is fiserv a good company to work for Great place to work, excellent management that are focused on financial products with an aim of being global leaders.I am working with Fiserv India for the past 8 months.There is nothing at this point in time that I would consider needs changing..This was the best move the company could have made."Good Company to Work" Star Star Star Star Star.May 16, 2018Are you seriously thinking what to choose between EY or Fiserv? I cannot think of a single reason to join Fiserv over EY.

Career Opportunities.Work/Life Balance.Work life balance.An Excellent work place and working with other Team members has reinforced that one should always have good work ethics, showing integrity, ability to work hard (focused) and Team work is so vital for the Company's success, Communication and prepared to do any task in hand accurately and with pride..

Overall compensation for your work. Fiserv is a Fortune 500 MNC and one of the reputed companies that works in BANKING DOMAIN..We look forward to working with our new Fiserv colleagues and want them to know that we hope the original Fiserv culture wins and the Board of Directors gives the unethical First Data executives ....Good seatings.

Cons No leadership,the current leadership team is only concerned about themselves and elitist..Good company to work with.Good work-life balance and good annual hike.Opportunities to work remotely for Fiserv have been posted in accounting & finance, computer & IT, client services, sales, and consulting, among other fields.Please keep the First Data executives in check by LISTENING to your employees and customers! Do not trust them!.See what women employees say it's like to work at Fiserv.

The company provides financial services to the banks of usa..Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion 2019 by the Disability Equality Index, a joint initiative of Disability:IN and the American Association of People with Disabilities (First Data) PayTech Awards 2019: Highly Commended in PayTech for Good category; Best Workplaces in Ireland 2019 (First Data).Internal Communication.As a Technical Program Manager I appreciate that Fiserv is a technology company and that the bar is high.

It is a challenging environment taking in consideration also auditing is also performed periodically and you need to get all security policies, vulnerabilities etc.I am proud to work for Fiserv.Because of Fiserv employee benefits, the company is considered to be one of the best workplaces in the US.Offered numerous opportunities for further training and diverse projects to keep employee's engaged and interested..The 20 or so the company was part of Fiserv.Good company allowing a perfect work life balance.Years later, the owner sold the business to Fiserv.

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